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Loch Ness Haiku

Oct 11 2014 Published by under Poetry

I’m currently taking a class on “How Writers Write Fiction” through the Writing University Open Courses program. One of my assignments is to write a haiku that could potentially serve as a beginning to a story. It’s been a while since I’ve written a haiku, but, here, for your enjoyment:


No monster swirls round
our ankles at Loch Ness but


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I Am Me

Feb 17 2014 Published by under Poetry

I Am Me

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Sep 04 2012 Published by under Poetry,Series:CharacterExploration

Five years, five years, and five once more
Upon his shoulders, burdens weigh
The opening of the Wardrobe’s door
A whole world’s hope upon him lay

Four precious gifts to them bestowed
Sister gentle, Sister brave
Temperance shoots deadly arrows
Courage brings those back from grave

Three before, he bows his head
Crowned Magnificence, king of all
Upon his orders, his soldiers bled
Death-kissed Justice standing tall.

Twice time stops, then sent away
To keep the faith in world War-destroyed
Wolfbane’s hands can only pray
Full grown man trapped as boy

One lifetime and half again
Doomed to die to live forever
Dwelling in white-lilied domain
Allowed to rest from his endeavors

None are left except sister’s blunders
Into their fold, she is wiped clean
Untamed Lion tears worlds asunder
Once a king, always king

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Feb 28 2012 Published by under Poetry,Series:CharacterExploration

Flex of fingers, grip of fists
Twisting muscles, harsh of breath
Midnight whispers of a one-time tryst
Always caught between life and death

Nothing matters except the kill
Hunting nightmares come to life
Remnants of a father’s will
Glossy blood on sharpened knife

Brother’s heart and cherry pie
Sustain him in his self-caught hell
One whole year of smiling lies
That everything will all be well

Redemption came a bit too late
The price to pay too dear in fact
No escape of desperate fate
Faced with smirks and lack of tact

Angel’s touch seared to bone
Soothing balm to tortured soul
Deep blue eyes with life on loan
Rebel against his chosen role

Brother’s kiss on demon’s lips
Innocence is sucked away
Perfect masks start to slip
Blood red dawn of each new day

Sacrifice is all for naught
Death traps Devil in the pit
But brother’s soul is also caught
All that’s left is scathing wit

Normality a mere façade
Written words tell the tale
Of two brothers, a black hot rod
And destinies bound to fail

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Aug 01 2011 Published by under Poetry

A man’s life is a breath, here and gone
Blowing away, leaving no trace
Whether we accomplished right or wrong
We are still running the same race

Yet to God, each life is a treasure
Each meant for something unique
In us, He takes great pleasure
Whether we are strong or we are weak

As the mountains gift precious life
So we should strive to do the same
To bring peace in times of strife
And comfort in times of shame

For each year that departs
We must do our very best
To love God with all our heart
And let our love of others be expressed

In utter joy we laugh out loud
And pursue wisdom with no doubt
To live each day with no regrets allowed
That is what life should be about

I hope we leave the world a better place
Than when we first came into it
Only through God’s amazing grace
Can we accomplish each little bit

And so the mountains watch year by year
In their silent patient way
Watching us live, laugh, and love without fear
On the dawning of each new day

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Prayer No. 1

Jul 18 2011 Published by under Poetry,Prayer

Dear God

Let me

persevere even when it seems I can not go on anymore
but have the wisdom to know when some things are not worth my energy.

make the right decisions
stick to the right choices

be appreciative of the good and thankful for the bad
be happy in every aspect of my life
be humble and to trust in You
be the best that I am able to be

have confidence as I go out in the world
have courage to stay on the path you have put out before me
have peace from within

love You
love myself
love every person whose life touches mine
whether they mean me well or mean me trouble

say the right word and do the right things to bless and comfort the people around me

learn from the experiences of others as well as the mistakes that I have made

know that You are near me with every step I take and every breath I breathe

Let me not be
regretful of the past
unheeding of the present
worried for the future

Let my
knowledge accumulate
wisdom strengthen
spirit grow
beauty shine from my heart

In order to become the person that I was meant to be

Protect and bless me, my family, and all those I love


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Jun 20 2011 Published by under Poetry

Our hands slide away
Fingertips brushing
Then only air
Separating us two
A million miles in-between

We stare at each other
Words are not enough
Words are never enough
And yet they still appear
So inadequate

You turn away
Then turn back quickly
Our bodies lean near
We are drawn together
But torn apart

You’re not even gone
But my heart misses you
Not sweet sorrow
Just an aching, longing
Heart shaped hole

The door slams shut
I run, tripping, hurrying
To catch a last glimpse
Of your passing face
Watching ‘til you disappear

I know you’re gone
But my body doesn’t
Your imprint still on me
Your lips taste lingering
Your voice ringing in my ears

Until the next time
You whisper
And I want to call out
Will there be a next time?
But you’re already gone.

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One Moment More

Jun 13 2011 Published by under Poetry

It’s still Dark outside
But the birds are singing.
My eyes lazily open
And I stretch
My body Awakening.

But not yet,
You curl your Body
Around, Surrounding
Murmuring love thoughts.
Golden dust mote words.

An arm draped heavily
Holding me close
Pulling me closer.
Your musky Breath
Falling softly.

Morning chills touch
I snuggle in deeper
A cavern of warmth
Seeping in my Bones
I close my eyes

One Moment More…

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