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Sep 04 2012 Published by under Poetry,Series:CharacterExploration

Five years, five years, and five once more
Upon his shoulders, burdens weigh
The opening of the Wardrobe’s door
A whole world’s hope upon him lay

Four precious gifts to them bestowed
Sister gentle, Sister brave
Temperance shoots deadly arrows
Courage brings those back from grave

Three before, he bows his head
Crowned Magnificence, king of all
Upon his orders, his soldiers bled
Death-kissed Justice standing tall.

Twice time stops, then sent away
To keep the faith in world War-destroyed
Wolfbane’s hands can only pray
Full grown man trapped as boy

One lifetime and half again
Doomed to die to live forever
Dwelling in white-lilied domain
Allowed to rest from his endeavors

None are left except sister’s blunders
Into their fold, she is wiped clean
Untamed Lion tears worlds asunder
Once a king, always king

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Feb 28 2012 Published by under Poetry,Series:CharacterExploration

Flex of fingers, grip of fists
Twisting muscles, harsh of breath
Midnight whispers of a one-time tryst
Always caught between life and death

Nothing matters except the kill
Hunting nightmares come to life
Remnants of a father’s will
Glossy blood on sharpened knife

Brother’s heart and cherry pie
Sustain him in his self-caught hell
One whole year of smiling lies
That everything will all be well

Redemption came a bit too late
The price to pay too dear in fact
No escape of desperate fate
Faced with smirks and lack of tact

Angel’s touch seared to bone
Soothing balm to tortured soul
Deep blue eyes with life on loan
Rebel against his chosen role

Brother’s kiss on demon’s lips
Innocence is sucked away
Perfect masks start to slip
Blood red dawn of each new day

Sacrifice is all for naught
Death traps Devil in the pit
But brother’s soul is also caught
All that’s left is scathing wit

Normality a mere façade
Written words tell the tale
Of two brothers, a black hot rod
And destinies bound to fail

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