“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson


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As I’m a visual person, seeing an image of something better helps me understand it.  So, I’ve put together a map of our route for any of you visual people out there.  I’m a bit of a newbie at CSS language and custom Google maps, so please excuse any weirdness of its look.  Check it out here or click the “Maps” link up top. 


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Check out the new Resources page!

It’s a bit scarce right now, but over the next few months, I will be really trying to flesh out this set of resources for you.  I hope to collect together all the great resources online that are helpful in planning any sort of travel from a overnight stay to long-term wandering, and put them in one place.

Stay tuned for more!

And So It Begins

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This site has been a long time coming.  I’ve always been utterly fascinated by travel, that act of going forth to explore the world around me.  This website is a way for me to gather together everything travel-related in one place.  The first thing that goes live is my personal travel journal which, hopefully, will be chock-full of interesting links, travel tales, and updates on our plans for a future major trip.  Wait and see as I slowly add on more and more things in the next few months.