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It’s a generally held belief that in order to excel in a chosen skill, no matter the innate talent, that skill needs to be practiced and studied extensively. So, in order to excel at writing, it is imperative that I write. Over the last few years, I have seen my writing improve in leaps and bounds but, I feel, it’s not at the level it could be yet. I fear that these feeling of competence or lack thereof may always be with me, I can combat them by working harder and smarter

I have decided to do two series of what are essentially drabbles, both of which will start posting weekly on Imaginor. One, the In-between Alphabet Series, will allow me to play with fresh literary language. The other, Train Inhabitants, will allow me to explore characters. Not only will I be able to work on improving my skillset, I will have a forum to just write without fussing with proper grammar or the million different things I need to normally watch out for in pieces deemed potentially publishable. Or, in other words, a form of free expression disguised as practice exercises.

There will be more information on these series on Imaginor itself if you’re interested

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