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Though I fancy myself progressive and modern in many ways, a few superstitions linger despite my best efforts, one of them being that I try not to proclaim any accomplishments until I’m 100% sure it’s actually happening, for fear of having it slip through my fingers. 

So, I’ve been waiting eagerly for many months to let spill that I’m having a second story, "Inspiration", published in the wonderful Still Point Arts Quarterly this summer! Here’s a sneak preview of the magazine.  The official release date is June 1 and should be appearing in bookstores in the US and Canada around June 4, so if you spot it, let me know. 

The idea for "Inspiration" struck me out of the blue one day while I was out to dinner with my husband, when words seem to fall from my fingers without much conscious thought, the story emerging almost fully-formed, like Athena rising from the head of her father, Zeus.  Thanks go out to my friend and fellow writer, Benjamin, for helping me to read it over and giving me some great suggestions on how to refine the crude material into something worthy of a great magazine like Still Point Arts Quarterly.  I’m so excited to hold the magazine in my hot little hands!

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