Prompts: 5 Purposely-Absurd Opening Lines

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I’m currently taking a class on “How Writers Write Fiction” through the Writing University Open Courses program. One of our assignments is to write 5 sets of opening lines for potential stories. I thought it’d fit in well for my Prompts series. So, here they are, for your writing enjoyment:

1. It took Suana 3.42 seconds to realize she was no longer dreaming. And another 1.58 to wish otherwise.

2. Some days, only the anticipation of apples from the tree outside his front window kept Kyle from pulling the trigger.

3. Ferrets are infernal creatures on the best of days.

4. "Well," Mother had said, "isn’t this ironic?" Sam couldn’t have imagined more appropriate last words.

5. Gary listed exactly thirty-seven reasons why it was wrong to kiss one’s brother. The fact that Casey has reciprocated didn’t change any of them.

Bonus: Use three or more in one story, keeping one as an opening line.

For more info about prompts, read my introduction here.

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