Prompts: Introduction

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When I’m stuck in a writing rut, I like being challenged to write a story that fits a certain theme or follows a specific prompt/challenge. It makes me sit back and try to think of a unique angle to approach it. Whether or not it works out doesn’t matter so much to me. I have a lot of fun writing and get the creative juices flowing. And, sometimes, I write something I’m really proud of that wouldn’t have existed without that first push.

So, I thought it might be interesting to challenge other writers who might be in a rut themselves or want to have some fun with their writing. I’ll be posting weekly prompts on Thursdays of my own devising or calling attention to literary magazines that have their own prompts.

If you do use a prompt and your work is 2000 words or less, feel free to post up a link to it in the comments or email it to me at with the subject: “Prompt: <Title of Prompt>” (ex: “Prompt: Love Story”). Please post the story in the body of the email. I won’t open any attachments. I’ll try to get back to you with my thoughts on your piece. If it’s longer than 2000 words, you can still post a link to it. I just can’t guarantee that I can read the whole thing, and it would be unfair for me to comment on it if I can’t give it a good reading.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that if you post anything on a website, even a private blog, it counts as “published” to many literary magazines and, therefore, not eligible for submittal.

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