Channillo and “The Job”

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When I first wrote “The Job”, I immediately fell in love with the pair of brothers I’d created. Their voices were so clear and natural and emotional for me. I was so glad when it was published in Beyond Imagination, because that meant that other people would be able to spend time with Jensen and Connor.

However, as time passed, I found I missed them. When I heard about Channillo, which is a platform for publishing original serial fiction and non-fiction, I became inspired to follow up “The Job” with three more adventures for a total of four jobs over four years told quarterly over the course of a year. Not only would this allow me to re-visit my beloved characters, I would also be able to explore more of their backstory and delve into their futures.

For those who loved “The Job” and for those who would like to dive into the world of assassins, brotherly love, and a great deal of snark, I invite you to check out my series on Channillo. You will have to subscribe in order to read it. If you just want to read my one story, it’s $2.59/month. However, there are so many other great stories by great authors to explore (who update far quicker than I will), that I highly recommend upgrading the plan to include many more subscriptions.

I’m excited to see how Channillo grows in the future, especially since this is such an interesting experiment in the future of publishing. I love how many possibilities writers have these days of giving others access to their work, and I’m looking forward to more innovations in the intersection of publishing and technology in the future.

I know I’ve been quiet across all my blogs over the last few months. There’s been a lot of transitions going on in my life. Hopefully, things will settle down a bit, and I’ll figure out a new posting schedule for everything. Stay tuned for more!

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