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Fan Fiction

Nov 30, 2012   //   by Christina   //   Thoughts  //  2 Comments

There’s something I must admit.  It’s something I’m ashamed to be ashamed of, something that isn’t a vice but is often treated as one.

I love reading fan fiction.

Fan fiction, the term, is rather self-explanatory.  It is fiction written by fans about their favorite books, movies, and television shows.

But it goes beyond that.  It is a world created by fans with its own language and culture, where one can readily see that the word “fan” is derived from the word “fanatic” but in the most interesting way possible.

When I bring up the subject of fan fiction to the uninitiated, the first reaction is usually derision.  Most people are under the impression that fan fiction are written by people who can’t write proper fiction.  That those who can’t write, write fan fiction.  Of course there are the stories that are tedious to read, headache-inducing drivel full of ridiculous characters, but the percentage of these is equal to the amount of headache-inducing drivel full of ridiculous characters I find on the bookshelves of bookstores that still somehow make money.  More often, in thousands of fan fiction I have read, I find myself amazed by how fantastic the writing is.


Upcoming Weekly Series

Oct 23, 2012   //   by Christina   //   General  //  No Comments

It’s a generally held belief that in order to excel in a chosen skill, no matter the innate talent, that skill needs to be practiced and studied extensively. So, in order to excel at writing, it is imperative that I write. Over the last few years, I have seen my writing improve in leaps and bounds but, I feel, it’s not at the level it could be yet. I fear that these feeling of competence or lack thereof may always be with me, I can combat them by working harder and smarter

I have decided to do two series of what are essentially drabbles, both of which will start posting weekly on Imaginor. One, the In-between Alphabet Series, will allow me to play with fresh literary language. The other, Train Inhabitants, will allow me to explore characters. Not only will I be able to work on improving my skillset, I will have a forum to just write without fussing with proper grammar or the million different things I need to normally watch out for in pieces deemed potentially publishable. Or, in other words, a form of free expression disguised as practice exercises.

There will be more information on these series on Imaginor itself if you’re interested

All Quiet on the Writing Front

Oct 18, 2012   //   by Christina   //   Thoughts  //  No Comments

I’m not sure whether you noticed or not, but it’s been fairly quiet on the writing front lately.  A large part of that is that I’m in heavy editing mode.  However, a more pertinent reason is that I simply haven’t been able to write.  I won’t excuse myself with anything so expected as writers block.  It isn’t a dearth of ideas that has me stumped and unmoving in front of my computer screen.  I have ideas leaking out of my pores. 

No, it’s simply the frailty of my physical constitution.  After a long dreary day of work, I simply can’t stay awake long enough to type anything remotely meaningful.  Whatever words I’ve managed to eke out in sheer desperation usually ended up deleted the next day once I’ve read it again in a clearer frame of mind, one clear enough to be horrified by the noxious dribble I’ve created. 

It’s rather frustrating to realize a week, then another, and another have gone by with nothing productive to show of it.  And the more time that goes by, the more overwhelmed and behind I feel, the less I want to start.  Because all I see stretching before me is an almost-infinite abyss of work. 

Procrastination, my friend, is a terrible creeping predator.  I fear I have a battle ahead of me. 

Once more into the fray. 

Vine Leaves Literary Journal

Oct 15, 2012   //   by Christina   //   Published  //  No Comments

HOORAY! I am beside myself with happiness. I have officially had my first short story published in a literary journal. You can read my short story, “Joseph”, in Issue #4 of the Vine Leaves Literary Journal here (page 24 of the journal), along with other fantastic stories and poetry. It will also be featured in their "Best of 2012" anthology coming at the end of this year.

Not only that, but “Joseph” has been nominated by Vine Leaves Literary Journal for the Pushcart Prize. Though I am a bit cowed by the competition for the Pushcart Prize, I am so honored to even be in consideration for something I’ve been coveting for quite some time.

I have to admit that I’ve been getting rather depressed recently. Even though I’ve become used to rejections, it’s still quite the downer every time I receive another one. In a fit of despair, I’d told my husband that if I reached 100 rejections without getting accepted once, I would give up my dream of being a professional writer. So, this piece of news definitely gave me a little boost of confidence to forge ahead (I’d only reached 35 or so rejections at the time of my story’s acceptance).

The day after I received news of my story’s acceptance, I received two more rejections. But, I filed those away and got back to staring at my computer screen.

A great beginning is half the journey

Jan 1, 2012   //   by Christina   //   General, Latest News  //  No Comments

Welcome to my new writing website!  I am excited for lots of big exciting projects in the next year and the more distant future.  I hope you will take some time exploring this website and feel free to tell me what you think.  To kick things off, please check out my new novel Trinity which will be updating over the whole of 2012 on a weekly basis!