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I’ve had the honor of having my story, “Like-Like“, published in Creating Iris Magazine. It’s a story of two friends learning something about each other. The impetus of it came from a real-life conversation I had with a friend of mine. And, while this is a fictional story, my sentiments within it are true.

I know how much progress has been made in the LGBTA movement recently, but I also know how much more progress there needs to be. While I’m not a very vocal activist within this movement (nor any other movements, for that matter), I do think this is a very important issue. That’s why I’m a huge supporter of Creating Iris and other similar venues.

I hope my story will allow people to know that it’s ok to love the people they love, and that there are allies who are open to listening and accepting them for who they are. I hope the moments that play out in my story, play out in living rooms across the world.

*Steps off my soapbox* Plus, I hope you have fun reading my story also!

More updates coming soon.

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