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When I have a story published somewhere, I like to look at who was published along with me. For one, I like reading other author bios (does this make me weird?). For another, I like to look up their other work for my spare reading moments. What I’ve noticed, sometimes, is that there is some disparity between the number of men being published versus women, especially minority women. So, that why I’m so excited for my story, “Fireworks”, to be published in a journal like WomenArts Quarterly Journal, which advocate the talents of women writers.

My story is actually inspired by an incident that had befallen my husband, which took away his sight (temporarily, thank God!) during the annual Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza. Our tradition is to go to a different city every year to see the fireworks, and this was the first year since we’d been married that we couldn’t do so. While I watched the shows on TV, this seed of an idea came to me.

If you’re interested in reading it, keep your eyes peeled for Volume 4, Issue 4 of WomenArts Quarterly Journal on the newsstands. I’m not sure if you can purchase a copy online yet. I’ll edit this post once I have more information.

[Update: You can find the magazine in these stores (or purchase it online) here.]

Yay for women writers!

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