And So Another Year Begins

Jan 8, 2013   //   by Christina   //   Thoughts  //  1 Comment

Looking back on the last year, I accomplished so much less and so much more than I anticipated. I learned about the frailties of the human body, the tragedy of all work and little play, the slippery nature of time, and the agonized questioning of rejection. At the same time, I also learned of the unbelieving joy of being published for the first time (and nominated for Pushcart!), the growing cohesiveness of my writing style, and the giddy confidence of confirming a life-direction.

Now, as I step forward into a new year, I can’t say I’ve changed so much as become a greater distillation of self. Is it egotistical to say I expect great things of myself in the upcoming days ahead? Perhaps. Or perhaps it is merely the foolish dreamings of an idealist.

I’m excited for what new stories and adventures this next year will bring!

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  • I found mlsyef nodding my noggin all the way through.

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