The Everyday Practice of Writing

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There are two main pieces of advice most writers give & get: read everyday & write everyday. Both these suggestions seem easy enough, until we actually have to sit down and accomplish the task. I often find myself distracted by all the regular errands of daily life (laundry, dishes, groceries, etc.) and come to the end of the day too tired to type out the requisite number of words (or even half that!). And when I resolve to set aside time to write in the mornings, I often find myself staring blankly at my computer screen and decide breakfast is a much better option. But I try again the next day. I think that’s the key: to try again. I will fail in this over and over again. But, I know that when I do write as often and as disciplined as I can, just like when I exercise regularly, I see real results.

Yesterday, I came across someone who really lives out this practice. Her name is Jacqueline Suskin, and I came across her on the USC campus sitting behind a light-blue typewriter. The “Poem Store”, her little table advertised. Free poems, provided you give her a subject to write on. Any subject you can think of. I gave her the word “lightness”, and this is what she came up with without a moment’s hesitation:


The easy upward feeling,
the lack of heavy weight,
the hefty load removed
and so levity is leading.
What precious moments
that allow us to slough off
the things we carry and so
freely move along with ease,
with lightness as a gift.

~jacqueline suskin
nov 2014 <signed>

What a memento, right? Not only do I love the words typed upon my little slip of paper, I’m amazed at her ability to whip out a beautiful poem as easy as breathing. And that, my friend, is what I believe comes from the practice of writing everyday. So, try it. Maybe you won’t be a whiz at poetry like Ms. Suskin, but I bet you’ll see a marked improvement and ease in your writing.

Oh, and Ms. Suskin seems to do this “Poem Store” on a regular basis and for events. Check her out here.

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