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As I said in my last post, life has risen up and engulfed me in its gaping maw. I’ve started a full-time job, along with various other activities that eat away at any free time I have left. Don’t worry, I haven’t stopped writing. That would be like refusing to eat when there’s perfectly good food in front of me, just not done. In fact, I hope to share some good news with everyone in the next few months, so stay tuned for that.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to update this website as often as I’d like. I have squirrelled away a lot of resources, writing thoughts, and potential topics of discussion, but they take a back-burner to my actual writing. I’ve shelved my updates to Channillo. I still love those boys from “The Job”, and I’m dedicated to writing a mini-series just for them full of angst and brotherly love and snark (in fact, it’s all outlined), but they too will have to wait. And my Write 1 Sub 1 challenge may just end up being a whole lot of submittals.

What, then, am I doing on the writing front? I’m editing my novel, working title: Trinity, and by editing, I mean rewriting the entire thing (again…). I also have three stories I’m attempting to finish up, all of them clamouring to be three times the size from what I originally intended. These are my focus, along with the stories that are still out on perpetual submittal.

I had a discussion with a writer friend who bemoaned his lack of writing ideas. I, unfortunately, have the opposite problem. Too many half-finished, half-outlined, half-thought-out stories and novels. At least I know I’ll never run out of work!

So, keep the faith, my friends. Until next time!

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